providing just the right amount of comfort

Creating accommodation can be likened to cooking a Japanese “Oden” hot pot.
The key ingredient that determines the quality of the final flavor is the broth.
All the goodness of ingredients combine together to create superior broth.
In accommodation, the key ingredient is “comfort.”
We choose and prepare what goes into the accommodation carefully to create “comfort” that no other accommodation could match.

That is our approach.

Eighteen-guestroom villas integrated into local wilderness amidst an 8-acre forest...
Squirrels, a variety of wild birds, and cicadas and frogs in the summer months...
Whispering of wild birds and other living beings of the forest resonating in corridors...
Free-flowing hot spring sourced from within the compound that makes you feel you are at one with nature...
Dinners made with fresh ingredients harvested locally and from the compound's own vegetable garden...
Quite time of relaxation in a guestroom contrasted with time of socialization at the main building and an on-site cafe...

Each and every element has been carefully put together since the accommodation's original launch to produce the “just right” level of comfort you would not find anywhere else.
Enjoy a rustic and endearing time, just like the traditional Kokeshi dolls, one of the local handcrafted giftware of Zao's Togatta hot spring precinct and the rest of the Tohoku region.


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