Savoring seasonal flavors in the natural setting...
Rustic “Satoyama” dining experience in which locally and in-house produced vegetables are featured as the hero ingredients

Daikon-no-Hana uses seasonal vegetables nurtured in rich nature as the hero ingredients of our dining services.
Enjoy a colorful assortment of seasonal flavors while admiring greenery outside the windows.


Our dinner menu is updated monthly so that you can always taste vegetables in season. Enjoy the flavors of local produce, complimented with locally-produced Japanese sake and wine.

Entrance time 17:30〜18:30、21:00 Close
Dining room “Konoji”


Our staff have carefully selected premium Japanese sake from the Tohoku region, locally-produced wine and beer and a wide variety of other alcohols.
Also on offer are our original cocktails, including non-alcohol cocktails, with seasonal flavors.
Ask our staff for more details.


Start your day with a traditional Japanese breakfast featuring freshly-cooked Japanese omelet and handmade tofu.
It is complemented with other options including a salad bar of fresh vegetables, house-made tomato juice, Zao's freshly-squeezed carrot juice and yoghurt produced by a local dairy farm.

Entrance time 8:30〜9:30、10:30 Close
Dining room “Konoji”

<For guests with food allergies>
Notify our staff in advance if you or your accompanying guests have food allergies. We will accommodate your needs as much as possible.
Please bear in mind that there are cases in which your needs may not be fully catered to, or in which the flavor or serving of your food might have to be changed to accommodate your needs.
We do not make adjustment for any reasons other than allergies.


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