Hot spring baths

Free-flowing hot spring sourced from within the property
Circulating open-air hot spring baths in rustic beauty

All hot spring baths at Daikon-no-Hana are free-flowing hot spring sourced from within the property.
The grand bath and four chartered open-air baths are positioned to take advantage of the property's topography and trees, providing changing appearances from season to season or at different times of the day.
Circulate around different open-air baths for a dip and feel the sensation of melting into the surrounding nature.

Grand bath “Ginyanma”

This is a semi-open air bath to enjoy the feel of becoming at one with nature. The washing area is situated beside the tub (outside). For this reason, we recommend that you wash yourself and your hair in your guestroom's bath or chartered open-air bath (Asakaze or Hoshi-no-Hayashi) before enjoying the grand bath in the cold months of winter. This bath is available for use 24 hours a day.

Open-air baths

There are four chartered open-air baths for private use, available free of charge. No booking is required. Feel free to enjoy them as long as there are no other users (available between 6:00 and 24:00). Please refrain from using soap, etc. as they are free-flowing baths of hot spring sourced from within the property. (A shower booth is available at Asakaze and Hoshi-no-Hayashi.)


Enjoy the view of natural forest and feel fresh winds of Zao that run through the trees as you take a dip in this open-air bath. There is an indoor change area and a shower booth.


Rest your head on the wooden rim of the bath to gaze at starry skies above the trees. There is an indoor change area and a shower booth.


This open-air bath changes its look at different times of the day.
Listen to the sound of the clear stream that flows underneath.
The outdoor change area is designed with a rustic feel.


Right at the far end of the compound lies this open-air bath, giving it the atmosphere of s secluded hot spring.
Immerse yourself in nature in the midst of cedar forest.
The outdoor change area is designed with a rustic feel.

About our hot spring

Our abundant hot spring is sourced from within the property, situated in the historic, 400-years-old Togatta Hot Spring precinct. (Water is added to regulate the hot spring's temperature as appropriate.)

Quality of our hot spring

Hot spring properties
Sodium chloride, bicarbonate and sulfate spring (hypotonic, neutral, and high temperature)
Effective for chronic women's diseases, chronic skin conditions, burns, cuts and fatigue

Hot spring at Daikon-no-Hana is clear with no color, and anti-irritant, making it gentle to the skin. Known as the “hot spring of beautiful skin,” it is almost like lotion, making your skin soft and supple, while having a cleansing effect at the same time.


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