The compound has various facilities dotted across the forest.

They provide places to enjoy conversation with staff and other guests, fall deep into thoughts while admiring the surrounding nature, or relax your mind and body completely.
Feel the mountain breeze and smell the scent of trees and flowers, as you spend the time of calming tranquility you could never get in city life.

Main building

The main building features a large hearth, set up under exposed beams made of 180-year-old cedar trees from Yamagata. This is a place that bring together guests and staff.
Guests are welcomed with a variety of offerings that change throughout the day, such as rice snacks baked with charcoal in the hearth, an assortment of dessert and digestif in the evening, and freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
The building also houses a library room containing picture books and other publications carefully selected by our staff.

Dining room “Konoji”

Dining room “Konoji”

Daikon-no-Hana's dining room is partitioned into smaller sections for added privacy while maintaining a lively atmosphere. Enjoy rich expanses of nature outside the windows as you savor your meals in comfort.

Giftshop “Mikke”

Giftshop “Mikke”

This giftshop is situated at the entrance of the main building. It offers a choice selection of unique and high-quality lifestyle items including local delicacies and traditional handicrafts made in Miyagi and the rest of the Tohoku region. Also on offer are Mikke-branded original items including jam and juice made of Zao's local ingredients. Mikke is the only facility open to the general public.

open : 10:00〜20:00

Kotori Salon

The Kotori Salon is a lounge area of relaxation that is frequented by wild birds and squirrels, and can be used for guests to rest after enjoying a dip in hot spring baths.
The salon provides ice candies, coffee, green tea, herb tea, mineral water and other drinks to guests.

Donguri Cottage

This is a relaxation cottage that offers a bedrock bath and a spa treatment room.
Its terrace is available for guests wishing to feel the breeze running through the natural forest as they cool down after the bath.

Star-gazing platform

This platform is situated at the ideal spot for star gazing.
Enjoy the view of starry skies you would never see in cities.

Vegetable garden

In this vegetable garden, staff grow seasonal vegetables and herbs that are used in meals we offer.


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