Using the Donguri Cottage

Bedrock bath and spa treatment in forest aroma
Relaxation cottage nestled in the forest of Zao

The Donguri Cottage is a relaxation cottage in a warm timber tone, lying adjacent to the main building.
It provides a healing moment for your mind and body in a setting surrounded by dense forest.

Mizunara Terrace

This is a vast timber terrace at the front of the Donguri Cottage. Under a massive Mongolian oak tree, feel the breeze that runs through the natural forest as you cool down after a dip in our baths.
Beer and other beverages are offered in the evening Happy Hour.

Donguri Lounge

This lounge is filled with the smell of timber, coming from the gentle flames of a wood heater.
Wooden chairs are available for resting after a bedrock bath or a spa treatment in forest aroma.

Bedrock bath

The bedrock bath is laid with lava rocks collected locally.
The bath has an infrared effect that gently warms your body, helping it eliminate toxins. Among other expected benefits are anti-aging and detoxification.

Spa treatments in forest aroma

Our relaxation menu includes treatments that combine natural wholistic care based on hot spring and bedrock baths with natural and seasonal goodness. Heal your tired body and liberate your mind and body.


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