Usage rules

In order to ensure that our guests have a safe and comfortable stay, we have established the following usage rules based on Article 9 of the accommodation agreement. We kindly ask all guests to read and cooperate with the rules of use, and to follow the instructions given by our staff based on the accommodation agreement and rules of use.
If you do not follow these usage rules, we will refuse to use the facility or stay based on Article 6 of the accommodation agreement.
In addition, the hotel will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the guests if they do not follow these usage rules. In addition, if damage is caused to the hotel, the guest will be required to compensate for the damage.

About the use of the hotel

1. Use of the hotel for commercial purposes is prohibited.
2. Please do not distribute or post advertisements or sell goods on the premises of the hotel without the permission of the hotel.
3. We do not allow promotional activities such as distributing leaflets or collecting signatures on the premises of the museum.
4. Please refrain from ordering or delivering food and drinks from outside without permission from the hotel.
5. Please do not display items that may change the impression of the exterior of the Hotel.
6. We may refuse to allow minors to stay alone without parental permission.
7. The Hotel staff are not permitted to accept gratuities.
8. Regarding the use of public spaces and private open-air baths, we may refuse to use them for a long time when they are crowded.

About guest rooms

1. Please lock your room for security during your stay.
2. Please refrain from using guest rooms to meet with visitors.
3. Please do not invite anyone other than the guest or accompanying person registered in accordance with Article 7 of the accommodation agreement to stay in the guest room.
4. Please do not burn incense or use hair dyes or bleach in the guest room.
5. According to Article 14 of the accommodation agreement, employees may enter the guest room or move items after entering the room. Please manage cash and valuables by yourself, and inform us in advance if there is anything that must not be moved.
6. Among the amenities provided in the guest room, bottle containers (cosmetics, hair care products, etc.) cannot be taken home. If you take it home, we will charge you for it.
7. Please do not take your room key out of the hotel premises.

Use of Large Public Baths or Hot Springs

1. Persons with tattoos (including stickers) are strictly prohibited from using the bath.
2. Filming, recording, or video recording, as well as bringing in and operating smartphones, tablet devices, etc., in the baths and changing rooms is prohibited.
3. Please do not drink the hot water from the bath unless permitted.
4. Persons who are intoxicated are not allowed to use the bath.
5. Please check the contraindications posted in the Hotel before using the bath.

Use of Spas

1. The spa facility is intended for relaxation, not for medical benefits.
(1) The treatment will not be provided to persons with any of the following conditions.
・Injury or wound with pain or swelling (e.g., sprain, fracture, low back pain, dislocation, burn, cut)
・Severe visceral disease, illness or injury under treatment
・Disease, injury or wound (including those caused by traffic accidents) under follow-up observation
・Less than one year after complete recovery from surgery (including endoscopic surgery, cesarean delivery surgery, and dental surgery)
・Fever, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, or diarrhea
・Swelling or lymphedema caused by illness
・Pain or swelling caused by dental treatment
・Guests who are pregnant and fall within the pregnancy period specified separately by the Hotel
・Reddish or tingly sunburn
・Guests who have just eaten a meal and under the influence of alcohol
・Guests with serious varicose veins
・Guests who are unable to lie on their back or face down for a long period of time
・Guests with allergies
・Skin diseases, or inflammation, swelling or itching of skin
・Less than one year after implant surgery, or less than six months after tooth extraction
・Guests with infectious diseases
(2) If you have any medical history other than the conditions listed in the preceding paragraph, please inform the relaxation staff.
3. Guests who wish to receive a treatment or massage will be required to sign a consent form designated by the Hotel. The treatment will not be provided to those who do not sign the consent form.
4. The Hotel shall not be liable for any loss or theft of your personal belongings. Please take care of your valuables by yourself.
5. The Hotel shall not be liable for any accidents caused by the carelessness of the guests.

About common areas

1. Do not enter employee areas.
2. Do not leave personal belongings in public areas such as corridors and lobbies.

Hygiene management

1. If any of the following apply to you, we may ask you to refrain from staying or using the hotel facilities, or restrict your movement within the hotel.
(a) If you suspect that you are infected with food poisoning such as norovirus.
(b) If you suspect that you are infected with an infectious disease specified in the Act on Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Treatment for Infected Patients and the Enforcement Regulations of the Act.
(c) If you have any other symptoms similar to the above.

Filming and Photographing

1. Filming or recording for profit or commercial purposes on the premises of the museum is prohibited without the permission of the museum. In addition, please do not use privately shot or recorded materials for commercial or business purposes without the permission of the museum.
2. Please refrain from taking pictures that may disturb other guests or make other guests feel uncomfortable. In addition, even if it is private, we may ask you to refrain from taking photographs without permission from the museum.

About smoking

The hotel is non-smoking, including in the guest rooms. Please refrain from smoking outside of designated areas.
(Smoking is allowed only on the outdoor terrace of each guest room)

Consideration for other guests

1. Pets and other animals are not allowed into the building. However, we will deal with assistance dogs for persons with disabilities as stipulated in the Act on Assistance Dogs for Persons with Physical Disabilities.
2. We do not allow items that emit a foul odor to be brought into the hotel.
3. Do not engage in noisy activities such as shouting, singing, turning up the volume of the TV or audio equipment, or making loud noises.
4. In places other than the guest room, we may ask you to wear clothes that the hotel deems desirable.
5. Please refrain from wearing clothes that may make other guests feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

About public order and morals

1. Do not engage in gambling, behavior that disturbs public morals, or behavior that violates public order and morals.
2. We do not allow firearms, swords, narcotics, or other items not permitted by law to be brought onto the premises of the hotel.
3. We do not allow items that may make other guests or employees feel unsafe or threaten their safety.
4. Any guest or his/her companion who is found to be a member of an organized crime group designated in accordance with the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members or an anti-social organization will be refused any further use of the Hotel.
5. In the event that the guest or related parties are found to have committed acts such as assault, threats, blackmail, coercion, or forcible obstruction of business, we will refuse any further use.
6. In the event that the lodger or his/her related party has committed an act that violates the law, or if the risk of such behavior is sufficiently recognized, we will refuse any further use.

Conservation of buildings, facilities, etc.

1. Please refrain from moving the facilities and equipment on the premises of the hotel to other locations, modifying them, or using them for purposes other than their original purpose.
2. Please do not bring explosives, volatile oils, or other ignitable or inflammable materials into the Hotel.
3. Please refrain from using firearms for heating or cooking in the guest room.
4. Please do not do anything that could cause a fire on the premises of the hotel.
5. If the building, facilities, equipment, plants, etc. are lost, damaged, defaced, smelled, etc., we may ask you to compensate for the damage.

About belongings and lost items

1. Please manage your personal belongings including cash and valuables by yourself. The hotel may not be held responsible for any loss or damage.
2. Items found in the common areas of the premises of the hotel and in the guest room after check-out will be stored for a certain period of time and then disposed of in accordance with laws and ordinances.
3. If there is any cost incurred in handing over an item found at the hotel to its owner, the owner will be responsible for the cost.
4. Any guest who intentionally or negligently leaves his/her personal belongings that require disposal costs, such as those falling into the category of large-sized garbage, in the guestrooms, common areas, or other areas on the premises of the Hotel will be charged disposal costs under the laws and regulations, as well as the handling fees determined by the Hotel. If it can be objectively presumed that a guest’s personal belongings have been intentionally left, or if a guest has not contacted the Hotel regarding his/her personal belongings after one week from the date of check-out, it will be deemed that such personal belongings have been intentionally left and that the ownership has been waived.

About payment

1. The Hotel may require the guests to make a deposit or verify their credit card prior to their use of the Hotel.
2. The Hotel will not pay on behalf of the guests any expenses other than the fees and other amounts for using the facilities of the Hotel, such as taxi fares or payments for purchases made outside the Hotel, or will not allow such expenses to be included in the final bill at the time of check-out.
3. If you wish to pay all the fees for use of the Hotel’s facilities at once at the time of check-out, please bring your room key or other items that show your room number.
4. Even if you wish to pay all your bills at once at the time of check-out, you may be asked to make a payment during your stay at the discretion of the Hotel. Please note that if you fail to make such payment, you may not be allowed to stay at the Hotel any further.
5. The Hotel only accepts payment in cash in Japanese yen, by any credit card accepted by the Hotel, or by any other means accepted by the Hotel.
6. Please contact the reception if you wish to change the accommodation plan you have reserved. If you wish to stay longer than the number of nights you have reserved, you will be required to enter into a new accommodation contract and pay all the bills incurred up to that point.




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